Add 10 yards, 20 yards, even 30 yards to your shot . . . in a matter of minutes!

I know what you’re thinking.

“If I could hit the ball farther, I would have by now.”

I’m PGA Golf Instructor Todd Kolb, and I can tell you: many golfers have thought the same thing.

They’ve tried swinging harder.

They’ve tried swinging slower.

They’ve poured hundreds, even thousands of dollars into brand new, high-end golf clubs, hoping that they can buy a tour player’s swing by paying tour player prices.

And they’ve all come to the same conclusion...

..the conclusion that the distance they’re getting now is the best they’re ever gonna do. They think they can’t hit the ball any farther. That they’re just not strong enough, or they’ve gotten older and lost too much flexibility and power.

Let me be the first to tell you, it’s just not true. They’re all capable of adding dozens of yards to every shot.

And so are you. How?

After only minutes of training with the Power Stick:

  • John Bruce picked up 20 yards.
  • Noah Mandel added 25 yards.
  • David Carpenter tacked another 30 yards onto his average distance.

The truth is, if you really want to smoke the golf ball, you don’t have to buy fancy clubs or swing your arms right out of their sockets.

Getting distance isn’t about power. It’s not about money.

It’s about technique.

More specifically, it’s about an elusive technique . . . a game-changing skill that separates the pros from the amateurs.

And with the Power Stick, you can master this technique in as little as five minutes.

I’ll tell you how.

Swing Like a Power Hitter

Or, more accurately, become a power hitter.

Every golfer dreams of it. The swift and powerful stroke. The clean, perfect crack! of impact. The ball steadily soaring towards the target, yards upon yards of fairway rolling behind it as it flies.

Few things in the world make a golfer feel quite so powerful, or as in control.

What many weekend warriors don’t realize is that they can feel that way, too. Not just on lucky occasions. But every single time and with every single club. You just have to conquer the one skill that sets power hitters apart.

I’m talking about lag.

What is lag?

Lag is a little maneuver that kicks clubhead speed way up just before impact. 

And maximum clubhead speed equals maximum distance.

It’s like this:

Most amateur golfers create a wide casting motion in their downswing, uncocking their wrists at the very top of their swing.

But the best ball strikers leave their wrists cocked for most of the downswing, only releasing their wrists and hands a moment before impact. This is what we call lag. This simple move creates a whip-like motion that sends the clubhead crashing into the golf ball at high velocity.

The only problem?

Lag is incredibly difficult to learn. I would know. I’ve seen countless students struggle to find that perfect timing. Many of them get there eventually . . . but only with patience and a whole lot of practice.

Now, with the Power Stick, even the most casual golfers are mastering that elusive lag after one short practice session.

Here’s how it works:

The Most Satisfying Sound in Golf

As golfers, we all chase that sound.

You know the one. The loud, clean crack of perfect contact. It’s a sound that motivates and inspires.

The designers of the Power Stick understand this, and they’ve tapped into the draw of the crack and the power of auditory feedback to create one of the most effective training aids out there.

The Power Stick is about the length of a standard driver and features an ultra-flexible shaft that swings like a regular golf club. Just under the handle is a Force Adjustable Magnet—a stationary magnet with a five-setting dial that adjusts for the user’s swing speed.

But the focus of the entire Power Stick is the Speed Bullet, a moveable magnet that attaches to the Force Adjustable Magnet.

As you take your backstroke, the Speed Bullet stays in place. It also stays in place as you swing down with your hands and wrists cocked.

But as soon as you release, the Speed Bullet breaks away and slides down the shaft. When you hit maximum velocity, the magnet hits the stopper at the bottom and you hear that satisfying crack!

Here’s the catch:

You want that crack—that moment of maximum speed—to come at impact. Maybe a hair afterwards. But definitely not before. If you hear that sound before impact, you know you’re still casting too wide, still releasing too early, and still missing an opportunity to get the distance you’re capable of.

But don’t worry! Your mind and body are astoundingly responsive to the sound of the crack. So responsive, in fact, that you can expect to find your perfect timing in mere minutes.

Add 20 Yards in 20 Swings a Day!

What’s that? Doesn’t sound possible?

Of course it doesn’t. You’ve been trying to add yards to your swing for years! How can one simple training aid get results in fifteen, ten, even five minutes?

Well, the difference is that the Power Stick helps you learn through sonification of movement.

Finally! You can stop trying to guess how the correct timing feels.

With the Power Stick, you always know if you’re releasing too early or too late, and you know how close or far you are from getting it right, because the crack tells you.

You’ll be surprised how quickly your brain and body adapt with the help of a single sound cue.

In just 20 swings a day with the Power Stick, the average golfer adds 8 mph to their swing speed.

Golfers typically gain 2.5 yards for every mph in clubhead speed.

8 mph adds up to 20 yards gained.

And that’s 20 yards on every shot. If you average about 36 full shots on an 18-hole course, that’s an overall gain of 720 yards.

720 yards!

Imagine what that could mean for your scorecard! For your handicap! For your buddies’ wallets when they have to buy beer after every round!

And That’s Not All!

Some golf training aids are one-trick ponies. They kind of solve a single problem, then they become this useless piece of equipment you’ve outgrown.

Not the case with the Power Stick. This training aid is designed to continuously challenge you even as you improve. Plus, it does more than amp up your clubhead speed.

As a Power Stick owner, you can expect to:

  • Swing faster and faster over time, as the Force Adjustable Magnet allows you to increase your speed setting as you improve.
  • Power up your swing more quickly, because you can practice lag even when there’s snow on the ground or you can’t make it to the driving range. You don’t need a ball to drill with the Power Stick!
  • Finally find smooth and consistent tempo, thanks to the extra flexible shaft.
  • Learn to hold the club like a pro with the Power Stick’s specially designed grip.
  • Discover more accuracy and consistency on the golf course. The Power Stick helps you turn pro-level technique into habit, which leads to clean, square contact and more controlled shots.
  • Reap the benefits of the Power Stick throughout your entire golf bag. The technique you perfect with the Power Stick translates to every single club, so you can expect better distances on every single shot.

What have you got to lose?

 . . . other than frustration, of course. Disappointment. The feeling that you’ll never improve no matter what you try.

If you’re ready to start smashing the ball and seeing strokes fall off your scorecard, order the Power Stick today!

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Still Not Sure?

What if I told you there was no risk to you.

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With a 60-day money back guarantee, you have plenty of time to test the Power Stick for yourself and determine if it’s right for you.

Like I said, most players discover the benefits within minutes. In 60 days, you’ll definitely know if this training aid is the game-changer you’re looking for. (It is.)

If for any reason you’re not satisfied, you get a full refund, minus shipping and handling, no questions asked.

So, quick recap:

  • You risk nothing.
  • You stand to gain an average of 20 yards on every shot.
  • Plus improved accuracy, tempo, and grip.
  • Plus more fun and greater confidence on the golf course.

If you agree with me that the choice couldn’t be clearer, click to make the Power Stick yours today.

The Power Stick